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Bobby Moore Academy

We celebrate the diversity of our community through our aspirational learning culture so that each individual can fulfil their potential.

Executive Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Bobby Moore Academy. My name is Steve West and, as Executive Principal, I would like to

Steve West, Executive Principal

welcome you to the Bobby Moore Academy Website where you can read about our Primary phase, Secondary phase and Sixth Form provision. 

We are a thriving, ambitious, and welcoming school community that delivers a world-class education for boys and girls in East London. Our modern and spacious Primary and Secondary sites are next to the London Stadium in the beautiful Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Following the examples set by the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and Bobby Moore as World Cup-winning captain in 1966, we value hard work and dedication, ambition and leadership, alongside respect and integrity. We firmly believe that by installing the importance of Physical, Mental and Social Wellbeing, our students will become economically active and fulfilled citizens, that lead enjoyable, healthy and active lifestyles throughout their adulthood.

Background does not determine destiny.

At the heart of this success is an absolute belief in the ability of every student to shine – no matter what their background, ability or character. We combine the traditional values of discipline, respect and good behaviour with contemporary best practice in teaching, learning and technology.

We will accept no excuses for being anything but the best we can be. We focus on the development of our students as individuals, and guide them by allowing honest, trusting and equal relationships to form. We do this by regularly monitoring progress and understanding, using our developmental marking policy, class discussion, and role-modelling of expected behaviours.

Children learn best when their school environment is safe, inclusive and welcoming. We have a culture of mutual respect between students and staff, and zero tolerance of bullying in any form.

The best from every child. 

We will work hard to get the best from all our students, reinforced by very clear expectations regarding conduct, manners, uniform and behavior which are non-negotiable and consistently enforced across the academy. We believe that success occurs in a framework of high expectations, whilst also acknowledging that mistakes provide valuable learning opportunities too.

When a student joins our academy some will already be high-fliers, others will be good all-rounders and some will face significant and individual challenges. Each student will already have a unique personality, gift and character that we will develop further by working together. I have made it clear to everyone at the academy that we are stronger as a team than a group of individuals, and that by pulling in the same direction we will achieve great things.

As part of the David Ross Education Trust, we are at the leading edge of education in the UK. As a student at Bobby Moore Academy opportunities are made available from the Trust that enable them to take part in once in a lifetime activities and learning experiences. Like our students, our staff are constantly looking to improve and hone their practice which they do by accessing the wealth of support of the whole Trust of schools and not just BMA. 

By providing an excellent education for every step of a child’s journey from age 4 through to 18, we will equip them with the knowledge and attributes to succeed throughout their time at school, and beyond it as well-rounded members of our community. Ultimately, our goal is that regardless of circumstances, every young person should be empowered through education to choose and succeed on their own path in life. 

We believe that every member of our community can confidently say;

We are the drivers of social mobility.

We address social injustice head on.

We are architects of aspirations.

We are unrelenting in our focus on academic achievement.

Our expectations are uncompromising.

We craft good character.

We are custodians of the ‘master key’. 



Thank you for taking an interest in our academy. Whether you are a parent, prospective parent or member of our wider community, please feel free to contact us if there is anything further you require.


Steve West,

Executive Principal 

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