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Bobby Moore Academy

We celebrate the diversity of our community through our aspirational learning culture so that each individual can fulfil their potential.


Secondary Welcome

I am delighted to welcome you to the Secondary phase of Bobby Moore Academy.

Named after a local and national hero, Bobby Moore Academy seeks to cultivate in our pupils the very best attributes of a man who achieved something that nobody else has, before or since.  The virtues which Moore displayed as a person and a player are exactly the kind of virtues we are looking to inculcate in our pupils: quick to learn; keen to take advice on board; composed under pressure; aware of his various roles and responsibilities; impeccably behaved and immaculately dressed at all times.

Bobby Moore Academy is a proud member of the David Ross Education Trust, a committed advocate of education as a vehicle for social justice. Our curriculum is highly academic and we emphasise deep learning of substantive and procedural knowledge in each subject discipline. We want our pupils to develop real understanding and to enquire beyond the minimum of the curriculum. This approach is designed to enable students to be at the forefront of great debates, to absorb and challenge the pinnacles of human culture, and prepare pupils for the very best universities and employment opportunities at home and abroad. 

We believe that every child is entitled to a world class education which broadens their horizons and enables them to fulfil their academic potential and to find personal fulfilment. Through engaging with our school ethos and opportunities, and our core values of ambition, aspiration, courage and respect, each graduate of Bobby Moore Academy will have everything they need for success within school and beyond. In the classroom, we emphasise the development of detailed and secure knowledge and understanding along with effective learning processes. Our students develop the drive to learn and to excel, the knowledge and curiosity to understand the world around them, and the confidence and humility to bring out the best in themselves and others. Through our high academic standards, orderly and purposeful classroom culture, and our ‘warm/strict’ approach, every student can progress and build their understanding throughout our specialist-led curriculum. Beyond the classroom, we provide opportunities which enrich and inspire learning, helping students to find and pursue their individual passions and interests. We recognise the value of this development as a counterpart to and supporter of academic progress, as well as enabling all students to experience a more personalised school journey, from the very youngest right through to Sixth Form.

Our co-curricular programme is superb, taking full advantage of the excellent educational and sporting facilities we have at our disposal. From debating to decathlon, we have something for all interests and hope that, through exposure to such a wide range of options, our pupils will truly broaden their horizons. We boast a dedicated, on-site sports enrichment officer, who organises competitive fixtures and after school activities that all of our pupils are encouraged to attend.

We believe that a world class education is one that furnishes pupils with freedom: the freedom to think and the freedom to choose. Indeed, we support pupils in raising their aspirations by helping them understand the connection between their conduct and their character, their attitude and their attainment.  

The academy has first class facilities across both sites with specialist teaching spaces and a gym for staff and sixth form. Situated in the shadow of the Olympic Stadium, ours is an inspirational setting. Working with our governors and trustees alongside a range of local partners, we are building a school which will provide a world-class education.

School Day

07:50                    Breakfast Club

08:20                    School starts

15:10                    School ends

15:10-16:10        Co-Curricular Clubs

Breakfast Club

The secondary site runs a free breakfast club in the dining hall. Club starts every weekday from 7.50am, students must sign in at reception to attend.

  • Bishop Perowne Church of England College