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Bobby Moore Academy

We celebrate the diversity of our community through our aspirational learning culture so that each individual can fulfil their potential.


It is an expectation of Bobby Moore Academy that students arrive here punctually every day and are properly equipped to carry out their studies.

All pupils of school age have the right to a high quality, full-time education, regardless of age, aptitude, ability or any special needs they may have. Excellent attendance is essential if a pupil is to make the most of the educational opportunity available to them. Bobby Moore Academy takes the responsibility to monitor and promote the excellent attendance of all its pupils very seriously. It acknowledges that irregular attendance can disrupt the continuity of learning, undermines educational progress, can lead to underachievement/low attainment and impedes the pupil’s ability to develop friendship groups within the academy.

We feel the parents should take responsibility for attendance and work with us. Therefore, this policy seeks to ensure that all parties involved in the practicalities of the academy attendance are aware and informed.

Research suggests:

  • Higher overall absence leads to lower attainment at Key Stage 2 and 4;
  • There is a clear link between poor attendance and lower academic achievement; and
  • Pupils with persistent absence are less likely to stay in education.



The aims of the Attendance Policy are:

a) To ensure academy attendance and punctuality level consistently above 97%

b) To raise the importance of excellent attendance in line with Ofsted and safeguarding requirements and our ethos of forming habits of excellence

c) Ensure that attendance is monitored effectively and reasons for absences are recorded promptly and consistently and challenged where unsatisfactory.

d) To develop good punctuality as a habit of excellence.

e) To promote opportunities to celebrate and reward pupils for excellent attendance.

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  • Bishop Perowne Church of England College