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Bobby Moore Academy

We celebrate the diversity of our community through our aspirational learning culture so that each individual can fulfil their potential.

BMA students flying high at the Newham Schools Athletics Championships

On Wednesday 10th May, BMA students from Yr7 - 10 took part in their first Athletics competition of the season at Mile End Athletics Track for the Newham School Athletics Championships. This was a very competitive event and all students demonstrated excellent performances in their respective track and field disciplines. Please see below the final results from the event: 



  • Junior boys (Yr7/8) - 2nd place  
  • Junior girls (Yr 7/8) - 5th place 
  • Intermediate boys (Yr 9/10) - 3rd place 
  • Intermediate girls (Yr9/10) - 7th place 



BMA students won twenty gold medals on the day which is a fantastic achievement!  

  • Yr10 Boys 400m – Vaughan 
  • Yr10 Boys Javelin – Treyvon 
  • Yr 10 Boys Long Jump - D'neit 
  • Yr7 Boys Long Jump – Nathan 
  • Yr10 Boys High Jump – Teddy 
  • Yr10 Boys Shot Put – Tommy 
  • Yr8/9 Boys Long Jump – Fortune 
  • Yr 8/9 Boys Javelin – Treyvon 
  • Yr7 Boys 1200m - Baron 
  • Yr7 Boys 600m - Dembo 
  • Yr 8/9 Boys 300m - Kimhari 
  • Yr 10 Boys 200m - Nicko 
  • Yr10 Boys 4x100m Relay - Nicko, D’neit, Vaughan, Tyson 
  • Yr8/9 Boys 4x100m Relay – Kimhari, Genesis, Shane, Fortune 
  • Yr7 Girls Shot Put - Yaasmin 
  • Yr 10 Girls Long Jump - Amariann 
  • Yr7 Girls 300m – Janelle 
  • Yr8 Girls 800m - Chiara 
  • Yr 8 Girls 200m – Geneva 
  • Yr10 Girls 400m - Victoria  



Newham Athletics Champs - 17.5.23


  • QEOP
  • Bishop Perowne Church of England College