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Bobby Moore Academy

We celebrate the diversity of our community through our aspirational learning culture so that each individual can fulfil their potential.

Expectations & Uniform

At the Bobby Moore Academy we strive to ensure that students are able to leave school well prepared for adult life. This includes developing their independence and an understanding of how to dress and act in a professional manner. We have high expectations of students’ appearance, not only because we believe it is right, but because research shows that high expectations result in better academic outcomes.


Pupils are expected to wear school uniform in a professional manner at all times. All uniform should be labelled with the pupil’s first name and surname. All our uniform can be purchased from the schools’ provider (Khalsa Schoolwear, 388 Bethnal Green Road, London, E2 0AH).

The following must be worn at all times:

  • Bobby Moore Academy blazer
  • A long or short-sleeved plain white shirt with top button fastened*
  • Grey (not black) trousers or skirt which must be knee length or below falling no lower than mid-shin.
  • Bobby Moore Academy tie
  • Black or dark grey tights or one visible pair of plain dark grey or black ankle socks. No frills or logos are allowed
  • Plain, flat, formal black shoes made from polishable leather, no higher than the ankle. There are some smart varieties of ‘Kickers’ which conform to these requirements. Trainers or boots may not be worn.

In extremely warm weather, the Executive Principal may allow pupils to remove their blazers.

Optional items:

  • Bobby Moore Academy jumper.
  • Outdoor coat. This must be black, dark grey or navy and match their school uniform as much as possible. No patterns or bright colours will be allowed. Any logo/branding should be small and discreet. 
  • Pupils will be expected to remove outdoor clothing as they enter the academy.

PE Kit:

  • Pupils are expected to wear the Bobby Moore Academy PE Kit.
  • Pupils are responsible for washing and looking after their own PE kit.
  • Good quality sports shoes are expected for PE lessons. No converse, plimsolls or other variations. The colour is not relevant.

 *Parents/carers may wish to resew the top button with a longer thread if it is tight.


Hair should be worn as appropriate for a serious and professional workplace. This means that it should be:

  • Smart, clean, of natural colour and not contain any beads or coloured decoration
  • A simple black hair band may be worn
  • Hairstyles which include shaved lines (or eyebrow ‘cuts’) or where heads are partially shaved, are unacceptable as is any excessively flamboyant style
  • Hair beneath the collar should be able to be tied back for safety reasons.

No makeup should be worn. This includes lip gloss. No nail varnish, gel or false nails are permitted. Nails should be neatly trimmed for hygiene and safety reasons. Students will be required to remove any makeup, nail varnish or false nails as appropriate.

The only jewellery which may be worn is a watch and/or one single, discreet, plain, gold/silver (no diamond or coloured stones) stud of no more than 5mm in diameter per ear.

Pupils must not write or draw on their skin, uniform, equipment or books. Pupils and their belongings must appear professional at all times.

We recommend pupils wear a watch. This should be worn on a plain, simple, dark coloured strap. Smart watches are not permitted and will be treated as mobile phones.



Backpacks will be available to purchase at the beginning of every academic year, which pupils will be expected to use at all times. Replacements can be purchased via Parent Pay.  Pupils will be expected to pick up their bag from reception.  For identification purposes, bags may be discreetly personalised with a name tag/key ring/ribbon.


Pupils will be expected to bring each item of equipment on the list below every day. We will be strict about this as it is important that pupils take responsibility for their learning by being properly equipped every day. We recommend that pupils have an A4 display book folder to store their knowledge organisers.

  • A transparent pencil case 
  • Two pens with blue or black ink OR one fountain pen with spare ink
  • One green pen
  • Two pencils
  • Black dry wipe pen
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Eraser
  • 30 cm ruler
  • Glue stick
  • Protractor
  • Pair of compasses
  • Scientific calculator e.g. Casio FX83GTX or FX85GTX
  • Reading book (see suggested reading list)
  • Highlighter
  • School planner (provided by the Academy)
  • School bag

Mobile phones

The academy operates a ‘See it? Hear it? Lose it’ policy for mobile phones and smart watches. If pupils have mobile phones or smart watches with them, they will be expected to turn them off and keep them in their bags throughout the entire day. This includes break and lunch times. We strongly recommend that pupils do not bring any expensive items into school. 

The school will not be liable in any way for damage or theft of any personal possessions.

  • Bishop Perowne Church of England College